Korean online shopping is an absolute must for those obsessed with Korean brands and products, but it’s also an invaluable source of convenience for those living here. Not only does it get rid of the hassle of going to the store and carrying things back, it provides the freedom to explore multiple shops, brands, and prices and choose what you like best. Gmarket is, by and large, the most popular option among foreigners for their English-friendly site as well as their relatively cheap prices, large selection, and quick delivery. However, I’m here to tell you that there are more places to visit than just Gmarket; these sites are also much cheaper depending on what you’re shopping for. One warning however, most, if not all, of these sites are in Korean, but if you’ve ordered from one Korean online source before it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up. Besides, you’ve been studying your 한글 right? Below we list out the best alternatives to Gmarket; sites that have flash-deal or clearance sales, sell coupons or tickets for experiences, and/or specialize in certain Korean product categories.

Our Top Picks For Korean Online Shopping


online shopping korea, k-pop shopping, k-beauty productsLooking to cop that last missing album to complete your BIGBANG collection? KoreanMall is known to be user and English-friendly and you’ll find some of the best deals on K-pop and Korean beauty products in no time. You may find yourself taking advantage of their free shipping for orders over $49 by adding some other authentic Korean products to your cart as well. Their Facebook page has great events, promotions, and giveaways worth checking out.


Coupang | Coupang App

A great source for super cheap everyday items that shouldn’t warrant a full trip to the mart or store. Much like many of the other sites below Coupang features a wide array of items that go beyond just groceries; tickets, restaurant coupons, and vacation trips can all be found here. They’re one of the largest mobile e-commerce companies in the world and pretty much fills Amazon’s void in Korea.



A site that shares similarities to Groupon. Be sure to check out their deals on local restaurants and attractions for all major cities in Korea. They appear to be doing much better than parent company LivingSocial (remember them?) and they’re particularly popular for their discounted luxury bags while following the familiar Groupon deal structure.



Another site that sells it all including airline tickets. Very similar to TMon except they seem to focus more on household and lifestyle goods and products.


AuctionAuction website, online shopping

Ebay Korea (Gmarket’s parent company) actually owns Auction, and their strength lies in having strategic partnerships with some of the biggest Korean and global brands which you can see at the bottom of their site. This means you may find some stellar deals on products from companies they’ve partnered with.


Interpark (English) / Interpark (Korean)
Interpark has two sites. The Korean site started off specializing in plane tickets, vacation packages, and events but now they pretty much cover the whole gamut of categories to compete with other sites. The English site however only sells tickets for concerts, shows, and events.



Along with Homeplus, Emart is one of the biggest hypermarkets (think of Walmart but smaller) in Korea. It’s worth noting that Emart is owned by Shinsegae, so you can hop back and forth between the two shopping sites with just one click after you’re done stocking up on groceries.



Essentially the much more expansive version of the store in your local neighborhood. They’ll be sure to also have that one thing your local store is missing. Both Emart and Homeplus have mobile apps as well so you can shop in the comfort of your bed. Nice.


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    Alibayzon.com – waygook shopping site – sell cheap quality products – All items are free shipping to Korea if you want to send gift your love ones to the other country just add only$2 WOW!!