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We’ve all had to deal with the language barrier. Whether it’s setting up the cable, trying to get a new phone, dealing with a landlord, attempting to call a customer representative, or even ordering food delivery, there’s always going to be some kind of huge wall that stands between foreigners and natives. It’s frustrating and annoying.

Korea offers 24/7 delivery on McDonalds but what's the use if you can't order?

Korea offers 24/7 delivery on McDonalds but what’s the use if you can’t order?

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your lack of Korean has caused you trouble, well then Helping Angel Consulting is exactly the place you’ve been waiting for. Helping Angel Consulting is an integrated translation and assistant service provider that caters to everyone with professional or personal needs. As their slogan goes: “We are here to bring ease into your life.”

The company is dedicated to assisting you by phone, email, instant messaging, or even in person (if you’re at a reachable distance). They’ll do it all from tutoring, translating, and even calling other companies on behalf of their client. Furthermore, they will even do 1-on-1 private tutoring or small group sessions to help their clients overcome this obstacle of having to struggle with everyday tasks because of the language barrier.

Helping Angel can double as a resource for language assistance and study.

Helping Angel can double as a resource for language assistance and study.

Helping Angel Consulting was created in hopes to make your day easier and guarantees a useful service. It dedicates itself to fulfilling all of your needs and strives on its long-term goal of further donating to the poor and less fortunate. Because it’s a Korean translation service, the company currently caters to anyone living in South Korea that requires assistance but is also working on broadening their audience to other countries. It hopes to one day bring service, not just to Korea, but to everyone around the world.

Services include:

  • Helping you find and reserve a restaurant for a romantic wine-and-dine to a casual night out.
  • Helping you locate, make reservations, or even put you on a guest list for any clubs or parties.
  • Creating a 1-on-1 private tutoring or small group sessions to improve and strengthen your Korean.
  • Helping you figure out how to properly use Korean appliances, machinery, devices, and other machines.
  • Helping you find your go-to-hometown or your early childhood products: snacks, chips, chocolates, cereals, and even candy brands.
  • Helping you shop online for a product and exchange/return items.
  • Helping you read, translate, and browse Korean websites.
  • Helping you install or reinstall your internet.
  • Helping you with groceries or food deliveries to your house.
  • Helping you communicate with a landlord or sales representative.
  • Helping you with directions when you’re lost in a subway, train, car, or bus.
  • Helping you find housing by working with a realtor to get you the best offer for your desired budget and preference.
  • Helping you translate documents.
  • Helping you plan and promote special occasions. (Baby showers, ceremonial events, etc.)
  • Helping you with medical issues and explaining your symptoms to the doctor.
  • Helping you with travel reservations and compare prices for the best rates to your next desired flight.
  • Helping you with selling new/used goods or items by referring to other clients.
  • Helping you with legal matters, claims, and disputes.
  • And lastly, anything and everything! Go challenge them with a task and their Angels will do their best to help you.

Rates and packages for each customer:

  • KRW 9,000 for online assistance. (general rate)
  • KRW 19,000 – KRW 49,000 for special packages and deals.
  • Hourly rates and projects will depend on the location and the amount of work required to fulfilling the task(s).

Angel Package Rates:

  • Basic Angel Package (Halo service) – KRW 9,000
  • Halo Package (3 Halo services) – KRW 19,000
  • Basic Wing Service (1 Wing service) – KRW 29.000
  • Halo & Wing Package (1 Halo & 1 Wing) – KRW 39,000
  • Wing Package (2 Wings) – KRW 49,000
  • Projects will depend on location and duration of the project.

What is a “Halo”or a “Wing”?

1. A ”HALO” is the spirit of an Angel and the service is for half an hour. Their angels will assist you through phone or email.
• For a Halo, everything will be completed within 30 minutes.

When a HALO service exceeds 30 minutes, an additional HALO will/can be added to your initial HALO service. They will allow up to 10 minutes past the initial exceeded time.

2. A ”WING” has the ability to allow the Angel to fly and the service is valid for 1 hour. They will help or assist you in person.
• For a Wing service, the Angel will stay and assist you for the complete amount of 60 minutes.

When a WING service exceeds 60 minutes, the Angel will include an additional fee for the service. The fee will be added at an hourly rate stated above.

For more information, contact Helping Angel Consulting at:

• Email:
• Phone: 070.8237.2240
• Operation Hours: 10am – 8pm / Monday – Saturday







Founder and CEO: Josh Kang








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