Clothes Hanger Hacks

Ever look at your coat hangers and think that they were destined for so much more? Well, Jihong Yeom has, and he has taken clothes hanger hacks to a level that you wouldn’t believe. A Service Design MA Student from the Royal College of Art, Jihong is finding new and inventive ways to utilize the standard clothes hanger. Everything from book stand readers, cell phone/tablet stands, dog houses, tables, and even beds…yes a bed. Jihong has honed his skills and imagination delivering some of the most amazing clothes hanger hacks around. Not to say to everyone will want a table made out clothes hangers, but hey, if you ever find yourself down on hard times, it’s nice to know that with a few clothes hangers you can still live in style.

Visit Jihong’s site at Passion Design.

Jihong’s Facebook page.

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