Beautiful Watercolor Postcards of the Korean Countryside

Artist and traveler Yolanta Siu captured her recent travels in a set of 20 beautiful watercolor postcards of the Korean countryside. Siu took a 5-month trip to Korea exploring the various mountain ranges, forests, temples, and ranches that adorne the Korean countryside, specifically the Gyeonggi-do and Ganwon-do regions. Rather than share the beauty of her travels solely through social media posts, Siu took to the 4×6 canvas with her brush. The results were a stunning collection of work that showcase not only the beauty of the landscape and scenery but the skill and passion in which Siu paints.

“Drawings, I believe, are not only avenues to retain and to share memories but are also capable of conveying feelings to the viewer without additional text like one would need when posting a photo.”

Take a look a few of our favorites but be sure to visit Siu’s Postcard’s from Korea Medium page for a full look into her travels, emotions, motivations and of course the rest of her collection. There she delves deep on how certain particular aspects of the scene, such as the weather, would affect her mood and ultimately be reflected through her work. Sui’s other works consist of impressive landscapes, installations, graphic design and much more.

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