FEATURING – Best Hikes in Seoul: Daemosan

Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan

With summer in full swing, it’s easy to stay indoors and soak in all the air conditioning you can get. But that can limit you for months out of the year, so why not take an easy hike when it’s cooler outside?

 Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan

We begin our Best Hike of Seoul series with a trail that may not be so familiar to most. With clear paths and wooden staircases, this hike is as easy as one, two, three. No bouldering, no mountain lions, just you and the surrounding green vegetation plus fresh air. Daemosan is not a commonly mentioned hike, but once you experience it, you are in for a pleasant view at the top.

Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 DaemosanBest Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan

Daemosan is a moderately short hike located in the Yangjae area. It overlooks some of Seoul’s iconic structures in the greater Gangnam district. Some include the Seoul Sports Complex (the Olympic arena where Ultra Music Festival Korea is held annually), Lotte World Tower (still being constructed and soon to be Seoul’s highest skyscraper), and world famous Namsan Tower off in the distance.

 Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan

The mountain features two peaks about 1.8km apart, but it’s not always about the end goal. At the break of dawn, there are very few distractions when you enter the forest on the way up. The silence may seem daunting at first, and the spider webs may occasionally catch on your face, but there’s nothing like having an entire mountain to yourself. Although there may be veteran hikers making their way down during your ascent, which shows the passion of some of the older Korean citizens.

 Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan

When you reach the helicopter landing pad, you have reached the first peak with a view (Daemosan Peak). After taking a moment to soak in the view, continue along the path and follow the signs leading to Guryongsan peak (if you want more of a challenge). The second peak is also marked with a helicopter pad and offers an even more spectacular view of the city from above.

 Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan

Now get out there and get lifted above the beautiful city of Seoul! And be on the lookout for the sequel to our series, Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 2 Yongmasan


Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan

Take the subway #3 Line (orange line) and get off at Irwon station. Walk straight out of exit 5, take the first left and walk to the end of the street. Make a right and then take an immediate left. Walk along past the entrance of the Robotics High School, and the street will naturally hook left when you get to the end of the road. Continue up the hill and walk behind the metal fences to begin your journey! There are signs along the way, so be sure to head towards Daemosan Top. For an even better view on a day with clear conditions, head towards Guryongsan Top (roughly an extra 1.8km past Daemosan Peak).

Best Hikes in Seoul: Part 1 Daemosan

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