Hangang, also known as the Han River, is the main body of water that runs through the middle of Seoul. Ttukseom Hangang Park is one of the best parks in Seoul for anyone seeking a breath of fresh air, views of the city in the distance, and best of all, plenty of cheap thrills.

What to Do

Best Parks in Seoul Ttuksom Skatepark
As you explore the heart of this vast park you will find pick-up basketball games, kids showing off their skills at the skateboard park, and the list goes on. There is even a local water park, although it is more like a lazy river, where parents take their kids to cool off during the sweltering summer months. Not to mention, it can get a bit crowded. To take things up a notch, follow the bike path along the waterfront and head east towards Jamsil bridge. Eventually, the path will lead to a shop on the left with kite-surfing gear. You do the math.

Other amenities and attractions include outdoor exercise equipment, a rock climbing wall, soccer fields, and convenience stores. Last but not least, catch a water fountain synced to music as the sun fades into the horizon. Be sure to check out Ttukseom Park on virtually any day, at any time!

Best Parks in Seoul Ttukseom Rockclimbing Wall
To hang out like the locals, bring your own picnic and pitch a tent on one of the grassy areas. As the warm summer nights start to settle in, nearly any place on the Han River serves as a terrific spot to relax. You can simply lay down a mat and have some food and drinks with friends. In particular, the Yeouido and Apgujeong areas of Hangang are often frequented by locals, as both have gorgeous views of the sun setting over Seoul’s skyscrapers and of a glowing Namsan Tower.

What to Eat

Before you get to grubbing, there’s a surefire way to work up an appetite first. From the moment you descend down the stairs out of the station, you will find a booth that provides bicycles rentals by the hour. Try out a tandem bike with a partner if you dare! Head down to the river where singles, couples, and groups gather to kick back. Once you get hungry, it is fairly easy to order fried chicken and have it delivered as flyers are constantly being passed around. Convenience stores have some other options like various ‘dosiraks’ (rice boxes with different combinations of meats and veggies), instant noodles, and snacks, if you want to pass on the delivery.

Ttuksom Resort Station (Subway Line 7) Exit 2.

Map of Ttukseom Park

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