Garden of Morning Calm

The Garden of Morning Calm is indeed a garden that’s hidden in the mountainous ridges in Gapyeong. And yes, it does quite feel like the morning sunrise, even in the afternoon; hence the name. The positioning of the sun simply makes it seem like the morning time! This remarkable location is open all year round for various occasions.

Garden of Morning Calm

During the first season of the year, the Spring Garden Festival showcases Korea’s cherry blossoms, tulips, and many more as they begin to bloom. In the summertime, the Festival of Roses takes place at the Garden of Morning Calm.

Garden of Morning Calm

In the fall, you can catch the changing of the colors during the Festival of Chrysanthemums. And finally, even through the chilly winter, Christmas lights are wildly displayed throughout the garden for the Lighting Festival (it starts in early December until mid March).

Garden of Morning Calm

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Once you enter the grounds, take the “Best Path” in a clockwise loop from the main entrance. As you make your way, you will come across two greenhouses, trickling streams, open fields, a calming lake,  and even a section with traditional Korean houses. The journey should take no more than two or three hours, depending on your pace. Feel free to take it slow and enjoy every sight.


There are two Korean restaurants on-site to fulfill your hunger needs, or you can always pack a lunch and bring it with you. There are also coffee, gifts and snack shops within the facilities, plus some street food before you enter the front gates. Again, these can all be found along the Garden of Morning Calm’s “Best Path”.


Minimap and directions to Garden of Morning Calm

Take the subway to CheongPyeong station along the GyungChun line towards Chuncheon. From exit #1 either walk, take bus #32-11, or catch a quick cab to the CheongPyeong Bus Terminal. From there, ride bus #31-7 to Sumogwon where you can find the Garden of Morning Calm.

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