When living in a metropolis like Seoul it’s easy to spend your weekends or holidays by just defaulting to same old routine. Go to the mall, go shopping, hang out in the café, or maybe catch a movie in the cinema, doesn’t it get rather redundant? Why not try something different this time? Located at the southern coast of Gyeongsangnam-Do province, Geojedo island is the ideal location for a weekend getaway. Geojedo is the second largest island in Korea and it is packed with beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions.

This island boasts many beautiful gardens that blend together against a background of the blue sea and mountains that will make it impossible to put your camera down. Sightseeing spots include Haegeumgang, Oedo Paradise Island, 62 islands varying in size, and approximately ten beach areas. Other places worth visit are Historic Park of Geojedo, P.O.W. Camp, Okpo Great Victory Commemorative Park, and numerous other locations containing historical artifacts. Geojedo is also home to a natural Camellia forest and various fossilized dinosaur footprints. Of all the destinations, Oedo Paradise Island and Haegeumgang are the most popular.

As a weekend getaway, a two day trip is the perfect amount of time for a visit to Geojedo. You can spend the first day driving along the coast, where mountains line the landscape, or take a visit to the historic sites.  Make a trip to Odeo Paradise island and Haegeumgang on the second day. Be sure to check out the weather forecast and ferry schedules before you leave as they might change.

If you are planning to make a visit from Seoul, you can go to the Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal and take a bus to Geoje via Jangseungpo. Then, get off at Jangseungpo and take a taxi or local bus to the ferry dock. The admission fee will cost you Adults: ₩8,000; for adults, ₩6,000 for the youth and ₩4,000 for children.


Photo by: Rob Lee

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