General Lee Victory Festival

********** Special Price at 90,000 KRW ****************

Jindo is a magical place well known for its beautiful dogs and the biblical-esque sea parting. But there are many more things that Jindo has to offer, including the magnificent General Lee (이순신 장군) Victory Festival.

If you have been to Seoul chances are you have visited the down town area and seen the large statue of an old military figure in the middle of the road, that’s General Lee. He’s the man who had the famous turtle ships made which helped Korea defeat the Japanese military.

Our plan is to head all the way down to Jindo Island where one of the greatest naval battles in Korean history took place. General Lee used only 12 ships to defeat 330 Japanese ships. The festival is held here to commemorate this event. While at the festival, we will witness a reenactment of this amazing battle with 100 ships and their crew performing. Each boat will use fireworks instead of actual guns and cannons, but it will be spectacular to watch. Some of you will even get the opportunity to board a battle boat.

Recently the record breaking motion picture “Myeongryang(명량)” was released on the big screen and has helped tourism the Jindo area. After the Sewol incident, the area lost its appeal and many people stopped visiting. But thanks to the movie, people are starting to come back to check out the traditional Joseon dynasty uniforms and more. While there, we will get to see dances, parades, and even participate in some of the events. We will learn the traditional Jindo Arirang dance from a performance team (100 members will get to wear the traditional uniform).

The local villagers will also make and serve makggeolli and side dishes in the traditional Korean way, a fun way to learn more about Korean customs. You also can experience the hands-on programs at a cheap price like pottery making, archery, craft art, traditional Korean kite flying and much more.
Everyone who joins this great tour will have the opportunity to make a General Lee character doll (5,000KRW value) at no extra expense.

At night, there will be a Awesome Firework show, bands, K Pop performers, Hip Hop artists, and DJ’s by the sea hosted by Good times Rok. This night festival is only for us and will go on from about 8 pm until the wee hours of the morning. There will be cocktail beverages, beer, and food stands at an affordable price for all the festival guests. A fun private party by the sea just for us !

After the party, we will make our way back to our Youth Hostel accommodation so we can sleep in a bit. After brunch we will tour the Jindo tower and take a final look around the area, before heading back to Seoul.
There is a huge statue of General Lee in Jindo, and you will have time to check it out. It’s right by the sea, and is the largest one in Korea. So you can’t miss it!

This trip will be very meaningful too, as a part of the cost of the tour will go towards the victims of the Sewol Ferry. We will donate 10,000KRW for each person who signs up. The money will go towards a memorial bench at Pengmok Dock(팽목항) in Jindo. We have already hired the artist and he has been working hard to produce a bench that reflects the sadness we feel about this tragic event. While we are there, you will get the chance to see the bench and take a picture with it, as your name will be engraved into this bench.

This trip has a lot of historical and modern meaning to it as well. We will have fun at the festival during the day, fun at the festival in the evening, and find solace together with the locals as we donate to the Sewol ferry victims.

This trip is likely to fill up fast because we have other tour companies joining us from the central and southern regions and we need to get those names engraved on the bench before the festival starts. ONLY the people who sign up before Oct. 1st will get to have their names engraved on the bench so grab your friends and join us for a great weekend and become part of history.
Departure Times:

Nowon Station Exit #1 6:30am ( Minimum of 40 people )
Noksapyeong Exit #2 7:30am ( Main Departure point )
Yeongtong Station Exit #1 8:30am ( Minimum of 40 people )
Osan ( Songtan across from K-55 ) 9:30am ( Minimum of 40 people )

Bank information:
Good Times Rok: ( 굿타임 록 / 서영호 ) Woori Bank # 1002-450-401977

After making the deposit, please email the following info.

1) Name of sender
2) From what bank you sent it from
3) The amount
4) Who you want to be roomed up with


75% refund 30 days before the event
50% refund 3 weeks before the event
You may sell your ticket to someone else but you will have to let us know who purchased it and the ticket number.

Seoul: Michael 010-9459-8677

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