Watch above as a brave high school girl helps capture a drunk driver.

Last Tuesday a drunk driver was apprehended thanks to the quick thinking of a high school student in Dongnae-Gu.

The video above depicts a chilling scene as a bus driver is physically assaulted by a drunk driver while he attempts to stop him from continuing forward. The bus driver then sits on the drivers hood only to be run down, assaulted again, and nearly killed when the driver attempts to drive off. Luckily the quick thinking of a high school student helps capture the drunk driver before he could inflict any more harm. While the  drunk driver is busy assaulting the bus driver, this brave young women calls the emergency “119” number while also taking photos of the drivers license plates. She then tends to the wounded bus driver. Police were able to apprehend the drunk driver based of the information provided by this young hero. The suspect known as 39 year old “Mr. B” registered a blood alcohol level of  .104%, far beyond that of the legal limit of .05%.

Source: Busan Ilbo

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