Aaron Cohen has had one girl on his mind these days: Ha Chu Hui.

Cohen recently created a post on Reddit to help him track down a Korean girl’s cellphone that he accidentally purchased and is determined to find the girl whose years of photos, videos, and music lie in his hands.

Cohen in the subreddit /r/Korea created a post yesterday under the title “Found a person’s life on my phone, will you help me find them to return it?” The thread was upvoted to the frontpage of the subreddit.

In the thread, Cohen explains that after his own phone in Israel was damaged in an accident, he looked for a used phone from a secondhand internet marketplace. When he got the phone and tried to download his music to it, he noticed that there were gigabytes of files still on the phone. What he found were photos, videos, and music from a different person; A person not even from Israel. After searching through the data on the phone he found that it actually belonged to someone from South Korea. Cohen explained that he had a similar situation in the past where his phone was stolen and that the frustration wasn’t on having to purchase a new phone but actually losing all the memories he had saved on it.


The thread he created on Reddit as well as Imgur has had multiple people come forward offering to help, and some are even trying to analyze the photos that Cohen posted from the phone (that were blurred to protect her privacy as well as sensitive information) in order to further identify the girl. Some helped identify restaurants and possible locations in the background of a group photo, while others attempted to find the girl’s Facebook. Some suggested he call the Korean embassy or Korean Air. The only thing Cohen knows at the moment is that the girl worked at some sort of English school in South Korea.

Aaron posted an update today as well:

Update: 7/9/14 Alright, so I’ve managed to get in touch with a few people who read my post here and on imgur and they are helping me reach this woman. I’m still waiting on any new information. I will try to contact the Korean embassy in my country in the coming morning and see if they could help me out, while the other persons who are helping me might try to find more contact information for Ha Chu in Korea! Hopefully it goes well.


We at SeoulSync are a fan of stories with happy endings. If you can help this man get in contact with Ha Chu Hui to help get her data and memories back to her, please email Aaron at garmagor@gmail.com

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