South Korea has one of the most competitive education systems in the world. For students in Korea it is a cut throat world, particularly in high school, where scores and class rank is as common knowledge as your last name. This competitive environment has cultivated many bright minds and has spurred educational success in the now developed nation. However, this has come at the high cost of student happiness. While they are able to achieve some of the highest test scores in the world (not the highest, Korea currently ranks in around 5th), they also rank as the least happiest.

In such a competitive world how does one stand out above the rest? Especially compared to those who have equally high (if not higher) scores and have just as many extra curricular activities?  You work outside the box.

Shin Hyeok Lee did just that. A second year in high school at the time, Shin Hyeok created a video titled “High School Jam,” with the help of his classmates to portray the daily life of a typical Korean student in high school. At the start of the video students are found sleeping, playing video games on their phone, messing around with their friends, and studying. But the video gets interesting  when students use everyday classroom objects, such as a pen, a fire extinguisher, and a broom, to jam out.

The original video was an online success and quickly gained recognition for its creativity and depiction of high school life in Korea. When it was time to apply to universities the video put Shin Hyeok over the top and landed him in one of the highest ranking universities in South Korea, Yonsei University (rank 2 in Korea). His success has not stopped there, as popular variety show “Infinity Challenge” producer TaeHo Kim has been showing great interest in the up and coming director.

Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think! You can also check out “High School Jam 2” below!

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