With the recent price increase in public transportation it seems commuters have no choice but to pay up and have a little less in their bank accounts. Fortunately for those that use the subway system on a daily basis there is a way to save on your daily commute. The Seoul subway commuter pass is available at any of the help and information desks located within any of the subway stations. pass1This pass will last for a total of 30 days and gives users 60 rides for the cost of 55,000원. If a person were to use the subway daily just for work their costs within a single month or 20 work days would come out to 50,000원 just on the minimal charge. The Seoul subway commuter pass also does not charge the extra 100원 to 200원 for extra distances. Patrons using this pass will save 20,000원 monthly, an annual saving of 240,000원. It is important to keep in mind that this pass works only within the Seoul subway system and is not eligible in busses or anywhere else T-money is accepted. After 30 days the card will expire and is to be deposited back in the subway single trip card return machine. pass2

To purchase the Seoul subway commuter pass simply go to the information desk and ask for the “정기 승차권.” Purchases must be made in cash only. This card can also be useful to travelers staying in Seoul for an extended period of time who rely heavily on the subway to travel.

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  1. Genie H. says:

    Ahh, I used that pass the past year and it was 46,200won or something like that when I left. I guess all the prices on transportation went up?
    Still not as expensive as Tokyo!