Update: April 23rd 3:44 PM KST

Here is the updated Google document.  Credit to /u/gongdoricat, /u/nrg800, /u/fefe28 (Thank you for your effort and hard work)

Current statistics:

476 Passengers. (includes 325 high school students, 14 teachers)

174* Rescued. (includes 75 students, 3 teachers, 17 crew, 80 other)

150 Dead. (including 98 students, 3 foreigners (1 student), )

152 Missing.

*1 rescued passenger found dead (suicide). See 1605KST April 18th update.

1 member of rescue operation has died. See 1147KST April 20th update.

Update: April 21, 2014, 5:00 PM KST

02:00 PM KST – Earlier today an engineer of the ship by the surname Son attempted suicide. He was being detained for interrogation. Son locked himself in a motel room and attempted to hang himself, but co-workers and motel staff were able to call authorities and was saved by emergency responders.  He has no life threatening injuries.

01:00 PM KST – An additional 4 crew members have been detained for failing to protect passengers.

08:30 AM KST – A serial imposter by the name of Hong Ga Hye turned herself in today. She falsely reported to news agency MBN to be a civilian diver, where she told the the news agency, “Government officials prevented [me] from diving and said to just fill in time and go. Survivors inside the ship have been discovered. Rescue workers told families of the missing that there was no hope.”

04:24 AM KST International aid from the United States (remotely operated vehicles), Netherlands (experts), China (barges and cranes), and Japan (expert advice).

The Situation by the Numbers (Update 4/21, 05:00 PM KST)

476 Passengers (325 high school students, 14 teachers)

174 Rescued (75 students, 3 teachers, 17 crew, 80 other)

64 Dead (42 students, 3 teachers, 2 crew)

238 Missing

*The Vice Principal (who was rescued) committed suicide on Friday, April 18th.
*A member of the rescue operation died on Sunday, April 20th.

Update: April 20, 2014, 10:30 PM KST

8:20 PM KST – A pastor who witnessed the cleaning and handling of the recovered bodies remarked, “How much have the children scrapped at the walls while trapped in the ship that their fingernails have all fallen off.” Those in attendance at the chapel broke out in tears.

6:40 PM KST – The Korean government have officially declared the areas of Jindo County and Ansan City as special disaster zones, which will give rescuers more access to the site and provide funding as well. The Korean government has also stated that they will provide a minimum of 80% in the total cost for the search and rescue operation.

3:30 PM KST – The Joint Investigation Headquarters (합동수사본부 / 합수부) have released information regarding the crew, revealing that they had not undergone safety training. The Joint Investigation Headquarters have also placed travel bans for 30 to 40 individuals, to prevent individuals from fleeing the country.

Update: April 20, 2014, 3:00 PM KST

– Rescue divers have been able to recover 21 additional bodies, raising the death toll to 50. -Families and fellow students at Danwon High School continue to hold hope for their lost loved ones. Classmates at the high school have left notes and messages to those lost as sea.

Update: April 19th 2014

As many of you have surely have heard by now, the Sewol Passenger Ferry sank off the eastern coast of Korea on Wednesday,  April 16th . The ship included many students from Danwon High School in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do province outside of Seoul. They were headed to Jeju Island as part of a school field trip, when reportedly there was a loud banging noise. Within two hours the ship began to capsize, trapping most of those still in the cabins.

Recent information has shown that many were instructed to remain where they were by the captain, Lee Joon-Seok. The captain was also among one of the first to evacuate the ship, a point of great unrest among parents of the trapped children.

Much information has been already released about the search and rescue operation being performed currently as efforts are being hampered by water currents, low visibility, and issues in navigating the upside down vessel. There is hope that many are still alive due to air pockets present within the ship; rescue teams are pumping oxygen into the ship to help those that may be deprived of it. At this point it has become a scramble to find these air pockets  as those trapped may have been stuck there for over three days.

Even with a grim outlook, hopeful parents, friends, and an entire nation watch on. Praying that their loved ones have somehow survived. Rather than focusing on pointing the finger and who is to blame, which will surely come, let us focus on the lives at stake and what is being done to retrieve them.

Sewol Ferry Coverage Timeline

Timeline of the Sewol’s sinking

A Google Document, that is being consistently updated thanks to a group of Redditors, features live video footage from the auditorium rescue center, as well as multiple sources for the Sewol Ferry coverage in both English and Korean.

Live Ustream links | YTN live coverage | KBS Live coverage

Note: The live streams are in Korean but the google document is updated in English.  Those that have come to call Korea home have all been affected by this event and our hopes and prayers go out to those that patiently wait for news about their loved ones. Let us not forget that the core of this incident is the loss of innocent life and saving those lives should be our number one focus, until all missing are accounted for.

Photo of the ship taken from : BBC
Cover by : Jens-Olaf Walter
T/H Reddit: Korea Sewol Ferry Coverage 

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