On this episode, BapMokja and I will talk a little bit more about the Ladies’ Code accident. We then move on to Block B’s crazy sasaeng fans and explain how sasaeng fans are head and shoulders above regular fans in their idol worship. We follow that up with some MBLAQ management confusion and wrap up with two China-related stories: iKON’s quick move to China and T-ARA’s remake of Little Apple, by the Chopstick Brothers.

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WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE. If the f-word and s-word make you uncomfortable, this video isn’t for you.

Ladies’ Code’s Manager Under Fire

Police have concluded that the Ladies’ Code accident was due to speeding, not a car malfunction. They’ve handed over the case to the prosecutor who will decide whether or not to press charges. If he is charged, the driver could be facing criminal charges for overspeeding leading to deaths. In the video, we discuss the differences between regular speeding and overspeeding, but the main point is more about whether or not it was 100% the driver’s fault. As with any driving profession, like taxi drivers, speeding is pretty much a given. Drivers employed by entertainment agencies are expected to ship their clients from point A to point B on a tight schedule. If they don’t make it in time, they get punished or even fired. This type of pressure is what forces these drivers into such dangerous behaviours and routines. The sad thing is, in this case, Ladies’ Code wasn’t even rushing to another event. They were going home. Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

Crazy Sasaeng Fans

Recently, Block B tweeted to their sasaeng fans to stop creeping around their dorm. Apparently, it’s scaring them. In the video, we explain what a sasaeng fans is, and why exactly they’re a completely different breed of fan. Pretty much any stories you’ve heard about crazy, over-the-top fans in Korea is a story about a sasaeng fan. I wonder why these types of fans exist? Why are there so many of them in Korea? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

MBLAQ splitting up? Staying together?

There was a big hubbub last week concerning MBLAQ’s disbandment. Lee Joon was supposed to go pursue a solo acting career and Thunder was going to try to make it on his own. Now we hear from J.Tune Camp, their managment company, that Lee Joon and Thunder are going to be allowed to stay with MBLAQ and promote as a group while doing their solo activities.

Without re-signing their contracts.

Was this whole thing a publicity stunt to bring MBLAQ into the limelight or is J.Tune Camp just extremely desperate to keep Lee Joon and Thunder in MBLAQ?

iKON’s Straight Shot to China

Papa YG is going to debut the iKON boys in January 2015 then ship them immediately to China. Apparently, they’ve already got a pretty strong following there. Historically, Korean entertainment companies have always moved away from Korea to make the big bucks.

So what’s different about this time?

Well, usually, the groups are made popular in Korea first. They don’t send them to Japan until they’ve proven to be successful in Korea. This time, however, it feels like YG isn’t even going to bother with Korea, as China’s where all the money’s at. Does this feel like a betrayal or is it a welcomed strategy to get the boys more fame and fortune?

T-ARA’s Little Apple Remake

T-ARA recently signed a 5 billion won contract with Longzhen Cultural Development to expand into the Chinese market. Apparently, they’re going to start that off with a remake of the Chopstick Brothers’ Little Apple. The song is a joke. Not in the same way as Gangnam Style was a joke song. The sound quality, the vocals, the video production all seem to have come from the early 2000’s. That’s insane. It seems like the only reason it became so popular in China is because of the joke content in the song with cross-dressing middle-aged men acting out famous historical scenes. Having said that, do you think T-ARA will create an amazing remake or will it be a super tacky bomb?

Written by Haeppy.
Filmed and edited by BapMokja.
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