Coming off the long holiday has likely altered your perception of time in relation to the workweek. What better way to readjust your internal clock than by doing things right this weekend? Gather up your friends and get ready to make some new ones this Saturday night in Itaewon. Nexcite will be hosting yet another of their top notch events at Lucidream that’s sure to leave you with stories to share next week.

Club Lucidream is a relatively young establishment in terms of nightlife venues in Itaewon. However, what it lacks in experience it makes up in staying power. In a country known for fleeting trends, overturning businesses, and new start-ups popping up left and right, Lucidream stands strong as one of Seoul’s most respected hip-hop clubs. At a fantastic location, Lucidream occupies an ideal spot away from the bustling crowds yet still close enough to all the action. This club comes complete with a spacious dance floor, stylish center bar to provide service from every angle, and VIP table service for those looking to go all out.

This week Nexcite and PJR team up to feature New Champ (Show Me the Money Contestant), Kye Bum Zu (Superstar K Season 4 Contestant), and Ven (Show Me the Money Contestant). ‘Show Me the Money’ is a hip-hop variety show featured on Mnet that has garnered praise for the show’s high-quality casting. Superstar K is of course an immensely popular music talent program, also featured on Mnet. That being said you can expect the live performances to showcase outstanding artists with high energy.

Cover: Free before 12 am if you mention SeoulSync at the door! 20,000 won cover after.

Directions: Lucidream is located out of Exit #2 of Itaewon Station. Walk straight for about 10 minutes and you will see the entrance on the left hand side. Check out their Facebook page for more info here.

If you’re craving the best in hip-hop mash ups, be sure to check out Club Lucidream when you get a chance! Stay up to date on future Nexcite events here.

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A California native with a passion for travel, JT has been living in Korea for the past two years. A health fanatic and a seeker of knowledge, JT co-founded SeoulSync because of a desire to create something larger than he could ever become alone.