Formerly known as KOEX (Korea Exhibition), the newly renamed Coex Convention & Exhibition Center is a large and expanding business town located in Samseong-dong of Gangnam-gu district, Seoul and was established on September 7, 1988. The outstanding architecture of this building was designed by American architect Larry Oltmanns.

Located next to the Korea World Trade Center, COEX consists of four exhibition halls and 48 meeting rooms. Here, any business operations can be easily managed as assembly halls, three luxury hotels, department stores, a multiplex cinema, the COEX Aquarium, Coex Artium Theater, ASEM Tower, the Seven Luck Casino, and the Korean City Air Terminal are all assembled in one spot. The main hall also has several floors and can accommodate dozens of different exhibitions at any time.

Aside from business purposes, you can also visit COEX for entertainment and shopping as they just opened the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. COEX mall is located just downstairs of the hall, and you can see around 260 stores and leisure facilities including fashion, beauty, entertainment, and cultural spaces, offering a pleasurable one-stop shopping experience.

Also, if you are a huge fan of architecture, interior design, or photography, a visit here is definitely worth your time. The incredible interior and exterior designs will leave you astounded. You can also check this link to see some other amazing high-end buildings that have amazing architecture and interior design as well.

COEX is directly connected to the station. You can get there by stopping at Samseong subway station (Seoul subway line 2), go to exit 5 or 6, and you will directly stop at the basement of the building. Also, Gimpo Airport is just 40 minutes away.


Photo by: Rob Lee

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